“My audiences leave smiling and thinking. They understand life isn’t a ‘default.’ It’s an active calling. We have real power to make choices that let us respond in ways that make us happier, healthier and far more effective in our world.” — AMY DEE

Amy Dee has more than 20 years of experience as a professional motivational speaker. Based in the Midwest, she has earned a national reputation for keynotes, closing programs and breakout sessions featuring her signature brand of side-splitting humor to explain how to harness the science of behavior and remember their power to choose everything from how they deal with difficult people at work to how they maintain positive relationships at home.


A first-rate comedian, Amy Dee is also a powerful motivational speaker with a deep understanding of behavioral science. She uses her hilarious “we’ve all been there” stories to help audiences connect, laugh and open up to the science of how we behave and the power we have to make different choices about how we treat each other (and ourselves). Audiences never forget Amy Dee’s stories. That’s why they never forget the messages behind those stories: We have the power to choose our attitude. We’re accountable for our choices. Obstacles can be problems or opportunities. We can use negative emotions as fuel for positive changes. And kindness always matters … especially in today’s rapidly changing and often frightening world. Audiences leave laughing, ready to make profound changes in their life at home and at work. What a remarkable arc of experience—all from one delightful session!

  • Author, musician, life coach
  • Psychiatric RN
  • Stand-up comedian and Master of Ceremony
  • Entrepreneur (and creator of a top mail-order company)
  • Manager of businesses (cheese, exercise, you name it!)
  • Voice-over artist for commercial productions
  • Managing 500 nonprofit volunteers and the production of an eight-hour multi-state telethon
  • Relocating to Norway for 10 years
  • Starting life over as a single mom of two beautiful daughters
  • Returning to college at 45 as a nursing student
  • Renovating a century-old “shack house”
  • Living with a three-legged toy poodle and a mentally challenged Pomeranian