Give Yourself a Break (from your cell phone)

Yesterday, I took a long phone-less walk in the neighborhood. Before I left my iPhone behind an internal debate raged “What if I get a business call?” or “ What if my mom or my [...]

You are a Miracle

“Honey, Costco called, said they had to throw out the samples 'cause you didn’t show up.” my husband jokes for the 5327 time, and again, I wanna choke him and bury him in the backyard. [...]

Just Breathe

Every day you make a multitude of choices that have the potential to create happiness. Push snooze or workout? Lend a hand or move on your way? Greasy burger or a healthy salad?  Retaliate or [...]

Your Calling

Your calling is born with you. It is your mission. Your calling is created for you. Therefore, it demands your attention. Once recognized, its cry will be relentless. For awhile, your calling will make you [...]

Kindness: Who is Your Company to Your Customer?

At a recent speaking engagement, I found myself in need of a five copies of a one sided handout. In a rush, I ran from the event room to the hotel desk where I saw [...]

The Fairy Tale Life: My Dear, You’ve Had It All Along

Sometimes I feel crabby and impatient with my life.  In these moments, I want to fix or improve stuff quickly, so I reach out, grasping to repair or change something, anything. I snatch up magazines [...]

A Lesson from My Dog

Isla went blind this week. After being diagnosed with diabetes last October, she’s been on daily insulin and a high protein diet. Other than missing the pet pad nightly, we noticed no other significant changes until [...]

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Life is awesome! This morning I let Isla, my diabetic dog outside.  She missed the pee pad (again), so I filled the bucket with water from the sink (just like that, easy peasy) and washed the [...]

Tough Times Don’t Last. But Tough People Do.

I was sixteen when my family vacationed in Cartageña, Columbia. The first evening, we strolled along the pristine beach, enjoying the brilliant sunset and roar of the ocean when we suddenly heard cries of help. [...]