The Power of the Pause

This morning I was thinking about the power of pausing. My teenager is particularly prickly at times. Small comments can easily lead to a blow up. So I am learning to pause before I speak [...]

Pay Attention

Some time ago, I was eating at the Twin Dragon in Mitchell with my daughter Sofi. We were laughing and talking about school, friends, and teachers when a young boy and his mother sat down [...]

We Need Each Other

Last Saturday I had the privilege of sharing a platform with Dr. Henry Emmons at the Ridgeview Women’s Event in Waconia, Minnesota. Dr. Emmons is a man committed to improving lives through his practice of [...]

Self Belief: Will You Build Yours?

Your heart is beating with excitement; jumping to your feet, you fist pump the air, joining the chants of those around you shouting  “I CAN DO THIS!” Bursting with renewed self-belief, you fly out of [...]