You are a Miracle

“Honey, Costco called, said they had to throw out the samples 'cause you didn’t show up.” my husband jokes for the 5327 time, and again, I wanna choke him and bury him in the backyard. Because, even a funny joke told repeatedly loses its luster, and this one was lame from the get go. The [...]

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Tough Times Don’t Last. But Tough People Do.

I was sixteen when my family vacationed in Cartageña, Columbia. The first evening, we strolled along the pristine beach, enjoying the brilliant sunset and roar of the ocean when we suddenly heard cries of help. A man and two women frantically screamed as waves crashed over them, and the tide dragged them further from the [...]

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Self Belief: Will You Build Yours?

Your heart is beating with excitement; jumping to your feet, you fist pump the air, joining the chants of those around you shouting  “I CAN DO THIS!” Bursting with renewed self-belief, you fly out of the seminar grounded only by the books and CDs purchased (in a frenzy) to maintain the high. At home, you [...]

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