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Give Yourself a Break (from your cell phone)

Yesterday, I took a long phone-less walk in the neighborhood. Before I left my iPhone behind an internal debate raged “What if I get a business call?” or “ What if my mom or my kids need me?” to “What if I miss a good deal on eBay or great recipe on Facebook?” Surrendering the [...]

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Just Breathe

Every day you make a multitude of choices that have the potential to create happiness. Push snooze or workout? Lend a hand or move on your way? Greasy burger or a healthy salad?  Retaliate or listen? In between impulse and action, there is a space called choice.   Your happiness horsepower lies in those commonplace [...]

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Your Calling

Your calling is born with you. It is your mission. Your calling is created for you. Therefore, it demands your attention. Once recognized, its cry will be relentless. For awhile, your calling will make you feel awkward. It will whisper in your ear just before you sleep. It will be the first dream you recall [...]

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