The Fairy Tale Life: My Dear, You’ve Had It All Along

Sometimes I feel crabby and impatient with my life.  In these moments, I want to fix or improve stuff quickly, so I reach out, grasping to repair or change something, anything. I snatch up magazines with covers that scream “Lose ten pounds THIS WEEK!”  and “Get organized TODAY!” or “Get more clients NOW!”  Fast, fast, [...]

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A Lesson from My Dog

Isla went blind this week. After being diagnosed with diabetes last October, she’s been on daily insulin and a high protein diet. Other than missing the pet pad nightly, we noticed no other significant changes until this week. This week, Isla couldn’t find food in front of her, and she tripped going up steps she once [...]

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It’s a Wonderful Life!

Life is awesome! This morning I let Isla, my diabetic dog outside.  She missed the pee pad (again), so I filled the bucket with water from the sink (just like that, easy peasy) and washed the floor with a lemon-scented soap.  Isla’s insulin shots are ready to give.  Lucky me, my precious little dog will live [...]

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We Need Each Other

Last Saturday I had the privilege of sharing a platform with Dr. Henry Emmons at the Ridgeview Women’s Event in Waconia, Minnesota. Dr. Emmons is a man committed to improving lives through his practice of general and holistic psychiatry. He spoke about the increase of depression and chronic stress in our culture and offered helpful [...]