You are a Miracle

“Honey, Costco called, said they had to throw out the samples 'cause you didn’t show up.” my husband jokes for the 5327 time, and again, I wanna choke him and bury him in the backyard. Because, even a funny joke told repeatedly loses its luster, and this one was lame from the get go. The [...]

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Kindness: Who is Your Company to Your Customer?

At a recent speaking engagement, I found myself in need of a five copies of a one sided handout. In a rush, I ran from the event room to the hotel desk where I saw several employees standing around a copying machine in the back office, laughing and chatting with each other. When one woman [...]

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We Need Each Other

Last Saturday I had the privilege of sharing a platform with Dr. Henry Emmons at the Ridgeview Women’s Event in Waconia, Minnesota. Dr. Emmons is a man committed to improving lives through his practice of general and holistic psychiatry. He spoke about the increase of depression and chronic stress in our culture and offered helpful [...]