Give Yourself a Break (from your cell phone)

Yesterday, I took a long phone-less walk in the neighborhood. Before I left my iPhone behind an internal debate raged “What if I get a business call?” or “ What if my mom or my kids need me?” to “What if I miss a good deal on eBay or great recipe on Facebook?” Surrendering the [...]

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The Fairy Tale Life: My Dear, You’ve Had It All Along

Sometimes I feel crabby and impatient with my life.  In these moments, I want to fix or improve stuff quickly, so I reach out, grasping to repair or change something, anything. I snatch up magazines with covers that scream “Lose ten pounds THIS WEEK!”  and “Get organized TODAY!” or “Get more clients NOW!”  Fast, fast, [...]

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Tough Times Don’t Last. But Tough People Do.

I was sixteen when my family vacationed in Cartageña, Columbia. The first evening, we strolled along the pristine beach, enjoying the brilliant sunset and roar of the ocean when we suddenly heard cries of help. A man and two women frantically screamed as waves crashed over them, and the tide dragged them further from the [...]

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The Power of the Pause

This morning I was thinking about the power of pausing. My teenager is particularly prickly at times. Small comments can easily lead to a blow up. So I am learning to pause before I speak to consider how my words (and my intonation and expression) might be interpreted. Pausing is a powerful — not only [...]

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Pay Attention

Some time ago, I was eating at the Twin Dragon in Mitchell with my daughter Sofi. We were laughing and talking about school, friends, and teachers when a young boy and his mother sat down at a table close to us. As soon as they sat down, they each took out their cell phones and [...]

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