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Give Yourself a Break (from your cell phone)

Yesterday, I took a long phone-less walk in the neighborhood. Before I left my iPhone behind an internal debate raged “What if I get a business call?” or “ What if my mom or my kids need me?” to “What if I miss a good deal on eBay or great recipe on Facebook?” Surrendering the [...]

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The Fairy Tale Life: My Dear, You’ve Had It All Along

Sometimes I feel crabby and impatient with my life.  In these moments, I want to fix or improve stuff quickly, so I reach out, grasping to repair or change something, anything. I snatch up magazines with covers that scream “Lose ten pounds THIS WEEK!”  and “Get organized TODAY!” or “Get more clients NOW!”  Fast, fast, [...]

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It’s a Wonderful Life!

Life is awesome! This morning I let Isla, my diabetic dog outside.  She missed the pee pad (again), so I filled the bucket with water from the sink (just like that, easy peasy) and washed the floor with a lemon-scented soap.  Isla’s insulin shots are ready to give.  Lucky me, my precious little dog will live [...]

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Pay Attention

Some time ago, I was eating at the Twin Dragon in Mitchell with my daughter Sofi. We were laughing and talking about school, friends, and teachers when a young boy and his mother sat down at a table close to us. As soon as they sat down, they each took out their cell phones and [...]

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