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Just Breathe

Every day you make a multitude of choices that have the potential to create happiness. Push snooze or workout? Lend a hand or move on your way? Greasy burger or a healthy salad?  Retaliate or listen? In between impulse and action, there is a space called choice.   Your happiness horsepower lies in those commonplace [...]

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The Power of the Pause

This morning I was thinking about the power of pausing. My teenager is particularly prickly at times. Small comments can easily lead to a blow up. So I am learning to pause before I speak to consider how my words (and my intonation and expression) might be interpreted. Pausing is a powerful — not only [...]

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Self Belief: Will You Build Yours?

Your heart is beating with excitement; jumping to your feet, you fist pump the air, joining the chants of those around you shouting  “I CAN DO THIS!” Bursting with renewed self-belief, you fly out of the seminar grounded only by the books and CDs purchased (in a frenzy) to maintain the high. At home, you [...]

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