Psych nurse AmyDee reveals the

Yes, Amy Dee speaks “Nurse.”

That’s why her presentations are so relevant, so engaging and so transformative for today’s healthcare audiences.

Drawing on her career as a psych RN, Amy turns advanced behavioral science into practical “retrain your brain” techniques for keeping negative thoughts from creating crazy-toxic emotions and situations at home and at work. From interacting with difficult patients and coworkers, to coping with the epidemic overload of paperwork, processes, bed pans and long hours, she has a genius for using humor to reveal our profound power to stay sane by making small, personal choices each day that wind up changing … everything!

Watch the latest video clips from Amy Dee: BRAIN SCAN -- Fun Ideas for Outsmarting Your Brain

A “Dazzler” at Healthcare Conferences and Events

Amy Dee keynote speaker for healthcare

Amy Dee turns serious topics like . . .

  • accountability
  • quality and
  • customer service

. . . into hilarious presentations that explain how to make new choices that cleverly outfox our naturally negative brains. Read what satisfied healthcare groups and medical associations say about Amy Dee’s keynotes [CLICK HERE].