blog-wonderfiul-lifeLife is awesome! This morning I let Isla, my diabetic dog outside.  She missed the pee pad (again), so I filled the bucket with water from the sink (just like that, easy peasy) and washed the floor with a lemon-scented soap.  Isla’s insulin shots are ready to give.  Lucky me, my precious little dog will live longer because I can buy medication to help her out.

Thanks to my automatic pot and running water, within minutes, I have fresh steaming coffee from my well-stocked kitchen. I pour two cups, and tuck myself back into bed so Steve and I can plan our day.

The sun is shining! Spring is here, in a few moments I will take a safe walk in a peaceful neighborhood. After three surgeries, my big toes remain painfully disoriented so I can only manage a short walk.  Still, I love these quiet dewy strolls with bouncy, happy dogs.

My daughters are in young adulthood. They are sometimes confused but are always creative and intelligent beings. And, even when they roll their eyes at me, they still love me. Steve and I both struggled in unhappy marriages.  We are extra thankful to have finally found each other later in life; he  is my wise, generous soul mate, and he loves me.  At the age of eighty both my parents are alive and well; they live only blocks away, and I just visited them last night. They love me too. I am so very lucky.

My house is small and always a bit messy, but it contains all the amenities (i.e. running water, electricity, and heat and air). The rooms hold clothes, computers, books, and TVs. My body has moving parts that allow me to walk, run, ride a bike, swim, or even dance. My eyes allow me to see people smile, read a book, and safely drive a car.

Today I have a morning conference call with an association board whose convention I will present to in April. They are a courageous, creative group, and I look forward to their upcoming event. This morning I will finish two proposals, send out three contracts, and write a song parody. As a professional speaker, I meet the kindest most passionate people. Good things are happening today.

After a busy day, this evening we will relax in front of the TV, eat popcorn and slowly savor my stash of peanut M & M’s while I crochet.

Every day my life contains small, commonplace blessings that other people would consider exceptional.

Today I will count my blessings and cherish this gift called life!