At a recent speaking engagement, I found myself in need of a five copies of a one sided handout. In a rush, I ran from the event room to the hotel desk where I saw several employees standing around a copying machine in the back office, laughing and chatting with each other.

When one woman disengaged enough to address me, I explained my need and asked very politely if she could please run just five copies of the handout. I offered to pay, whatever she thought fair, for those five copies.

She responded  “I’ll check” and disappeared into the back office room, now closing the door.  A few moments later the woman returned, handed back my paper, saying with a smile “I am sorry we are unable to help you.”


Who is your company to a customer? Your company is not the radio jingle, the slick campaign slogan or CEO.

Your company is your employee who delivers (or not) the service.

Great companies create, support, and celebrate employees who look for kindness and connection opportunities.