Sometimes I feel crabby and impatient with my life.  In these moments, I want to fix or improve stuff quickly, so I reach out, grasping to repair or change something, anything.

I snatch up magazines with covers that scream “Lose ten pounds THIS WEEK!”  and “Get organized TODAY!” or “Get more clients NOW!”  Fast, fast, fast!

Moments later, I rip open the magazine to discover that I could lose “up to 10 lbs.” if I eat an entire head a raw cabbage a day and begin a sprint triathlon training regime. Duh!

“Get organized today” requires me to start with one closet continue for the next 30 days. Blah, blah, blah.

More clients will appear if I  blog weekly and make lots of cold calls. YUK!

Pissed, I shove the magazine into the store’s trash and drive out of the parking lot while ripping open a bag of chips with my free hand.



Where the hell is the magic wand that will give me my fairy tale life?

I want to lose my belly fat, organize my house, become spiritual, learn to watercolor, meditate, and increase my speaking business TODAY!

Last Sunday, on Mother’s day, a tornado wiped out a neighborhood in Dimock, SD.  My heart goes out to those people who lost their home. That same tornado then made its way to my town of Mitchell, SD.

Sofi and I crouched in the corner my of our very messy 104-year-old cement basement with a blanket over our heads. The reporter announced that the tornado was only blocks away in downtown Mitchell.

In those scary moments, my messy house didn’t matter, and my belly fat was insignificant. Instead, I thought about how blessed my life has been. 

I am honored to be a mother to two beautiful young women. My daughters make me laugh, cry, beam with pride and swear like a pirate. Because of them, every moment has been worth living.

Squatting in the messy basement covered with old bedspreads and surrounded by old clothes from years past, I felt grateful for the material things I’d been able to provide my little family.  By God’s grace, I have been able to give my girls this home and a decent life.

My career as an RN has granted me many hilarious and courageous friends.  As a Psychiatric RN, been able to provide genuinely needed help to my patients.  Also, working in an acute care behavioral health hospital has provided me unique professional experiences. Oh, the stories I can tell!

Being a professional Motivational Humorist Speaker has allowed me to share laughs and inspiration to delightful people all over the United States. I give them my heart; they return the favor and — when I am presenting — one hour feels like only a few moments. I am blessed to love what I do.

All of this and I am deeply in love with a beautiful man who found and repaired my wounded, misplaced heart.

Of course, I should work to improve my lot in life. My weight is a problem, my house is a mess, and I need to spend more time marketing my business.

But beneath all that, lies the real stuff that makes my life a fantastic, breathtaking journey.

So next time those crabby, impatient emotions appear (and they will), instead of grasping for a magic wand, I will choose to live happily ever after in my already amazing and blessed life.