This morning I was thinking about the power of pausing.

My teenager is particularly prickly at times. Small comments can easily lead to a blow up. So I am learning to pause before I speak to consider how my words (and my intonation and expression) might be interpreted.

Pausing is a powerful — not only for the communication I put into the world — but also for those things I bring into myself.

Consider food. I work at a hospital where I am often tempted by cookies, cakes, candies that others bring to work. Because our job is very fast paced, it is easy to pop a gooey chocolate chip cookie into my mouth, snarf it down in seconds, in-between patients. Pausing for a moment might help me better decide whether that cookie is the best choice for me.

During the next 12 weeks my purpose is to take off some weight and become healthier. If I take a momentarily pause and consider this purpose I may decide the cookie’s momentary pleasure isn’t worth contradicting my purpose. Pausing might help me think about the sugar and how a bit of sugar never seems to be enough (the reason one cookie quickly leads to two). I may think about what benefits this cookie will give my body. Of course the 100 plus calorie cookie will be pleasurable, but does it contain nutrients that will help sustain me during my shift…or would an apple or orange better serve me?

Pausing is powerful. Consider adding the power of the pause to your daily life. Twelve weeks from now, pausing may be just the small extra boost you gave ourselves to make your dreams a reality.