“Honey, Costco called, said they had to throw out the samples ’cause you didn’t show up.” my husband jokes for the 5327 time, and again, I wanna choke him and bury him in the backyard.

Because, even a funny joke told repeatedly loses its luster, and this one was lame from the get go.

The fact is, I enjoy food samples, and everyone knows Costco has the best. Sometimes I buy stuff, but more often than not, I am there to eat.

Costco is just down the street, so I lunch there several times a week. After eighteen months of membership, I’ve watched the Sample Giver Outers enough to find three unique types as follows:

The “I hate this job, and I hate you” Sample Giver Outer

He doesn’t talk, wears both a head and beard hairnet (which screams “you might eat a whisker!”) he sulks behind his tray and sneers when you take a sample.
Warning: Do not make eye contact with this soul sucker; at best, you’ll wonder if you smell like cat poop and at worst you’ll end up a pile of fuming ashes.

The Memorably Weird Sample Giver Outer

A lucky sighting, I spotted one in Sam’s Club years ago. Pushing seventy, wearing bright orange lipstick and peacock feather earrings, she gyrated to silent music behind her toaster oven, using come-hither hand signals to lure in customers. I enjoyed watching her from a distance, but I was too scared to reach for a sample.

The Meredith Sample Giver Outer

Meredith is so awesome that she gets a category of her own. ( If you wonder how I know her name reread the fourth paragraph.)

“Come on over here and try this aged cheddar” Meredith smiles as she holds out her tray “Now isn’t it delicious? It won Kickapoo Valley Cheese of the month, and this whole grain bread won’t bust out a tooth!.” While munching she continues, ”Now imagine this in grilled cheese and mayo sandwich. Meredith’s pears are “so sweet you can taste summer” Her breakfast sausage is “spicy enough to kick-start your morning.”

But she doesn’t just hand out samples, Meredith gives directions, helps customers find items, hands out recipes and spends extra time with the older guests who want to chat.

Meredith is the Gold Standard in the world of Sample Giver Outers.

I guess she isn’t highly educated or wealthy. Probably in her late 60’s, with gray hair; she’d blend into a crowd. But seeing Meredith makes me smile every time I dine at Costco.

You might say Meredith hands out a bit of her kindness and joy with every sample. Like I said,  she is awesome.

Here’s my point.

Unless you believe in reincarnation, it appears you have just one life to live. During this life few of us will become famous actors, multi-million dollar business moguls, or geniuses who discover life-saving cures.

Most of us won’t make the headlines, but you know why that doesn’t matter? Because…


It’s true. People who like math much better me, have considered the odds are that your ancestors survived disease and war, the chances that your parents met and then hooked up, and the odds that one egg and one sperm joined to create you.

And these number wizards have estimated that the probability of you being born about one in 400 trillion. That’s a miracle.

You are a miracle.

So, whether you spend your days handing out samples at Costco or doing ADLs for an elderly client or teaching a child to read. Or you spend your days cleaning public restrooms, laying carpet, managing a convenience store or selling door to door.

No matter WHAT YOU DO…the Miracle is WHO YOU ARE

And every day, in every interaction you represent the phenomenal, never before and never again YOU.

So today, show us the miracle of  you.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln