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Coronavirus Fears ? Remember your Ancestors

Funny Motivational Speaker Amy Dee’s Blog, Corona Virus Fear? Remember your Ancestors In 1867, my great-great-grandfather (7) left Norway with his family to immigrate to America. They crammed into a ship filled with other hopefuls chasing the dream for a better life. Each family packed their own supply of food and water for the four-week…

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Quick Help for Self-Quarantine during Coronavirus

Funny Motivational Speaker Amy Dee’s blog, You know how when you are self quarantined with someone for days and suddenly everything they do bugs you?  They repeat the same dumb joke about the two tomatoes crossing the street, then laugh and snort breathlessly for 7.5 minutes until you consider throat punching them to shut their…

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Coronavirus, One Moment in Time

Funny Motivational speaker Amy Dee’s blog, Many years ago, Mom snagged two last-minute tickets to Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life” tour with Cheryl Richardson. Our fantastic aisle seats were on the floor just four rows away from the stage.  As an emerging speaker, I envisioned being pulled onto the stage with Oprah, where we’d connect…

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This Too Shall pass

Funny motivational speaker Amy Dee’s blog, An ancient Jewish folktale tells us that King Solomon once searched for a cure against depression. He assembled his wise men together. They meditated for a long time and gave him the following advice: Make yourself a ring and have thereon engraved the words ‘This too will pass.’ The…

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Coronavirus Quit expecting life to be fair

Funny motivational speaker Amy Dee’s blog about the coronavirus, Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.  Dennis Wholey. While grabbing some last-minute groceries, I overheard several conversations regarding the coronavirus.  Two college-aged guys complained about a concert being…