Funny motivational speaker Amy Dee understands how humor can create happiness

Bridge Funny motivational speaker

Bridge over troubled water

Funny Motivational speaker Amy Dee’s blog A video playing on social media shows a log that had fallen across a stream. The undercover footage shows animals using the fallen tree as a bridge to cross the creek. For large animals, the log made crossing the stream easier. For tiny animals, the fallen tree made crossing…

Funny motivational speaker

Self-Compassion 2 tools to be successful

Funny motivational speaker AARGHHHH….. after a week of evenings watching The Ozarks, while binging on nightly popcorn and chocolates, I finally got up the courage to weigh myself. I gained back five pounds of my fifteen-pound weight loss. No surprise, I’ve eaten enough chocolate to feed an army of teenage girls after their first breakup.…