Hope is a Pillar of resilience, We all need hope to be resilient

Humor can help your life

Use HUMOR to make you more Resilient

Funny motivational speaker Amy Dee’s blog Become more Resilient, use this link to Amy’s Resilience resource guide,  A Resilience Resource Guide Imagine It’s so hot your thighs are sweating. Your throat feels like you’ve swallowed sand. You bring the icy glass of lemonade to your parched lips and drink a huge gulp. Suddenly, your tastebuds…

Funny Motivational speaker Amy Dee's blog Hope can drive success

Hope can drive success

Funny Motivational Speaker Amy Dee’s blog, Hope can drive success: Leaving Norway Years ago, I moved from Norway to the United States with my two little girls. While living overseas, my first husband and I started a very successful home-based business. I bought his permission to leave with our daughters by giving him half of…