Nurses, A Pillar of our Healthcare System
Asa RN Amy understands the stress, Anxiety and joy Nurses Feel

A Resilience & Stress Relief Practice

Funny Motivational Speaker and RN Amy Dee describes a simple daily practice to strengthen resilience, lower stress, recharge your energy, increase your life/job satisfaction and deepen your connections to your patient, Co-workers, and yourself. Are you a healthcare worker in the middle of the COVID crisis or dealing with everyday challenges?  Watch the video below…

Amy Dee's blog about Empathy

13 Benefits: The Power of Empathy

Funny Motivational Speaker Amy Dee’s Blog; If you want to cultivate empathy, my suggestion is to stop thinking that everyone thinks and acts like you do or would. Jeff Rotmeyer, ImpactHK Become more Resilient, use this link to Amy’s Resilience resource guide,  A Resilience Resource Guide   Empathy defined Em ·​pa·​thy | \ ˈem-pə-thē. Definition of empathy…