Remember your Power !! Pay attention to your thoughts

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Your Expectations Shape Your Experience

Funny motivational speaker So excited to go duck hunting with old friends, Steve spent days writing a packing list, shopping for supplies, and planning his travel route. His anticipation and planning greatly enhanced his duck hunting trip. Topsy-turvy stacks of paper, jumbled bookshelves, and cluttered desk drawers fill my office. Every time I think of…

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Negative Emotions

Funny motivational speaker Recently my friend (let’s call her Pam) sneeringly talked about a co-worker who scheduled time off because she needs “me time.” “She is lazy.” Pam announced, her irritation was palpable. Instead of dismissing that negative emotion, we dug into it. Pam prides herself on being an extremely hard worker. Her co-workers often…

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Mind-Reading: Cognitive Distortion

Funny motivational speaker Hangry at the husband. The drive-thru cashier at the take and bake pizza chain handed me a medium instead of the large pizza, and suddenly I was mad at Steve.  My husband, Steve, was once the president of several manufacturing companies where inventory control was crucial to his success. Sometimes, his desire…