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Funny Motivational speaker Amy Dee’s Blog, Years ago, my youngest daughter Sofi and I visited her favorite ice cream parlor for a cone. This ice cream shop hand mixes goodies into the ice cream while the price of the cone skyrockets. Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching.  On the first lick of her $8 experience, Sofi ate a gummy…

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The price of self-confidence is discipline and effort.

Funny Motivational speaker Amy Dee’s blog; You are at a motivational seminar. The speaker is riveting! You jump to your feet, and fist pump the air, chanting, “I CAN DO THIS!” Bursting with renewed confidence, you race out of the seminar with books and CDs to maintain the high. At home, you create a vision…

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The most important thing in a relationship is what you give vs what you get

Funny motivational speaker Amy Dee’s blog about relationships; The other day Steve and I had an argument we couldn’t resolve, so we gave each other the silent treatment for a few hours. Instead of using my time to consider Steve’s side, I solidified my point of view with examples and facts. Bursting with self-righteous glee,…

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Trust your inner voice

Funny Motivational Speaker Amy dee’s blog: Trust Your inner voice. Guilt is embedded in a mother’s ovaries. Was it guilt over serving my kids Doritos as a vegetable? Regret over joining them to watch the Osborne’s on reality TV? Whatever caused it, despite owning a cat, a dog, and a box turtle, we ended up…

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Shelter in place … Start to be great

Funny Motivational Speaker Amy Dee’s blog, You don’t have to be great to start: You have to start to be great. The Covid19 shelter- in-place order creates opportunities to develop new skills. Don’t allow inexperience to stop you.  Start. Both embarrassing and hilarious errors occurred while I learned to speak Norwegian.  After a few weeks…

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Coronavirus; your language matters

Funny Motivational Speaker Amy Dee’s blog, The coronavirus is frightening, making this is a challenging time.  When I hear people on the news or in blog posts refer to coronavirus as “The toughest thing I’ve ever been through.” I wonder what heartbreaking story they will tell.  Does this person have… -Loved ones who have died,…

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Funny motivational speaker Amy Dee’s VLOG, How I connect and deliver my message to your audience Become more Resilient, use this link to Amy’s Resilience resource guide,  A Resilience Resource Guide Funny Motivational Speaker Amy Dee’s Home page